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Faucet Holder

Faucet Holder

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1、Make Full Use: Make full use of the faucet space and store small clean objects to reject the mess and smell in the wet environment.
2、Store Small Objects: Not only can it store small objects, but it can also place long-handled brushes and rags, which are different from those on the market. It can also be disassembled and cleaned for easy operation and effortlessness.
3、Multi-function Storage: The two combinations of multi-function storage are divided into two types: single sink and double sink. According to needs, you can choose the tray to put scouring pad, sponge, detergent, etc.

Material: ABS
Style: modern and simple
Installation method: Nail-free installation
Color: blue-unilateral style, green-unilateral style, white-unilateral style, blue-bilateral style, green-bilateral style, white-bilateral style
Product size: 25.7*13*3.8cm
Weight: 187g, 174g
Applicable people: general
Scope of application: kitchen/bathroom/balcony
Installation steps:
1. Stick the sponge pad on the surface of the screw cap support
2. Fix the screw cap and the long tube rack on the faucet
3. Fix the tray rack with the buckle and the long tube rack

Package Content :

Faucet rack*1

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